SU-Tower - The system for all laboratory applications

Purest water in perfection

Our Sutower combines the complete combi class in one compact system.

Its dimensions have been chosen so that it can be easily installed in a 60 cm wide gap in your laboratory. It even contains a powerful feed pump up to 4,000 litres/h, a storage tank with a capacity of 100 litres, all technical components from osmosis to EDI and our post-cleaning cartridge. Your floor remains completely free of pumps, cables and hoses. A real pleasure for you and your cleaning team!

Its performance spectrum extends up to a daily consumption of 400 litres of water qualities I to III and up to 600 Ltr. in Type II. In addition, the Sutower class has a wide range of standard equipment, such as sterile tank overflow, CO2 tank ventilation filters, etc., which are already included in the basic price.

On the „upper deck“, within easy reach of a height of 1 metre, we have installed our solid aluminium Easy Dispenser Arm with control panel and display for convenient ultrapure water removal. You can conveniently fill containers from 100 ml to 20,000 ml. As an option, you can also attach an external extraction nozzle for your sink. With the integrated powerful feed pump you can operate your dishwasher, laboratory autoclaves and other consumers with water type II and III up to a daily requirement of up to 600 litres.