Berrytec Dispenser

Berrytec Dispenser

Berrytec® Membrane Dispenser - For an easy and safe Workflow

Simple workflows

Thanks to its compact design, our dispenser can be used anywhere without taking up much space. Due to the materials used, the dispenser can also be installed in your laminar flow. Our membrane dispenser offers the simplest and most flexible method of dispensing membrane filters.

The Dispenser has three different comfortable release modes:

  • Button

  • Foot switch (option) or

  • Sensor (our sensor triggers when you touch a small rectangular window with your tweezers or your finger to prevent accidental hand-trigger)

With our endless membrane filter packs (150 membrane filters per pack) you can easily perform numerous tests in a row before you have to use a new pack.

With its low weight it is easy to move. Our specially designed membrane filter belt is easy to insert and can be changed quickly if necessary.

Our filters also fit into devices from other manufacturers, please ask us for details.