Berrytec is an innovative company specializing in pure and ultrapure water systems for laboratories and research.

Berrytec water systems are equipped with functional technology to control your water quality.

We work with modern processing methods such as electrodeionization, osmosis with pulsation technology and proven polisher and subsequent cleaning cartridge.

Our systems are so flexible and diverse that you only buy what is necessary for your application.

The housings of our Berrytec series are built from magnesium-aluminum alloys, as well as our dispenser arm. This allows us to guarantee optimum service life and durability.



Not your laboratory needs to adapt to your water system, but we adapt your system to your standards.

In other words, we offer many solutions as individual components. As well as compact solutions as a cabinet system or as solutions in a fixed or mobile base cabinet.

With our dispenser-arm solutions you are flexible when you have to fill your vessels.

Different water qualities from one system are possible, that is efficient and saves costs.

Your requirements in the laboratory are changing: no problem, we can retrofit our Berrytec series on many models.




With the right choice of your water system we will not leave you in the dark. We analyze the best system for your application for free.

We take the following parameters into account:

• feed water quality

• Your laboratory application

• water demand

• Financial framework

• Variants

Request the free test kit from us or one of our distributors. Fill in the questionnaire and send back the enclosed sample tube with your feed water.

Maintenance, such as changing subsequent cleaning cartridges, UV lamps and filters, is customer-friendly and can be done by the user. This saves costs.

Ask us, we help you to choose the right system.